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Top 10 Best-Selling Playstation 4 Games of (may) 2022

Best Games That Are Worth Playing on Ps4

Some of the best games of all time are also some of the best PS4 games.  Nine years have passed since the PS4 was released.  Even though developers are still releasing new games for the PS4 console, it won’t continue for long with the PS5 becoming the new norm for console gaming.  The ps4 is a generational console and it has given us the best games that the gaming world has ever seen.  These are some of the best pre-owned ps4 games of May 2022 

1. Marvel’s Spiderman

Marvel’s Spider-Man is a video game based on the Marvel Comics superhero Spider-man.  It was developed by Insomniac Games and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. The worldwide release was done for PS4 on September 7, 2018. It was the first licensed game developed by Insomniac.  

2. Grand Theft Auto 5 

Grand Theft Auto is the 5th installment in the GTA game series.  What makes this game so appealing is that you have the freedom and space to wreak havoc.  Set in the city of Los Santos, you can roam the hills, beaches, and countryside of the city.  There are 3 protagonists in the game-Trevor, Michael, and Franklin whom you have to utilize to earn money through illegal activities.  You have to deal with many types of characters like meth heads, celebrities, ruthless gangsters, bikers, and hikers.  There are two options for navigating the virtual world-by foot or in a vehicle.  The majority of the missions in the game are driving/shooting oriented.  

There is also a wanted system that tracks your criminal activities and decides whether you should be caught or not.  In the open world, there are a variety of activities you can participate in like tennis, golf, yoga, parachuting, stealing cars, and committing petty crimes that are central to the game.  Players can earn huge bucks if they commit elaborate and lucrative heists utilizing all the three characters mentioned above.  The online social club gives members access to new vehicles, weaponry, and much more. 

3. Unchartered 4 

When the naughty Dog began the development of Uncharted 4, many things were expected like pirates, breathtaking locations, and characters that you became familiar with within the first three games of the series.

This was naughty Dog’s first game developed for the PS4 platform from start to end, the developers decided to push the boundaries of the new engine in terms of fidelity, animation, and gameplay.  It was also the first time that facial capture was used for motion capture in a Naughty Dog game.  

4. the Last of Us Remastered

The last of us remastered is a game developed by Naughty Dog.  It is set in the post-pandemic world where you play as Joel and Ellie.  Brought together by desperate circumstances, they must rely on each other to survive in a hostile environment across what remains of the United States of America.

5. Watchdogs 2

Watch Dogs 2 is an open-world game developed by Ubisoft.  You play as Marcus Holloway who is a brilliant young hacker living in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Team up with Dedsec, a nefarious group of hackers who are looking to execute the biggest back in history to take down ctOS 2.0, an invasive OS that is being used by criminal masterminds to monitor and manipulate citizens on a large scale.

6. Fifa 21 Standard Edition

FIFA 21 is available in three different tiers-Standard Edition, Champions Edition, and Ultimate Edition.  Standard Edition is the cheapest of the three options where players get everything they need to get started in the game.  Though special editions FUT kits, stadium items, and three rare gold packs are included, players will miss out on the Homeground talent option in Career Mode.   

7. Inside 

Inside is a dark puzzle game.  It is set in a deadly and oppressive world.  The character you play will die suddenly and frequently in a violent manner and the world he navigates is entirely cast in shadow.  This game is more complicated than Limbo and replaces its mature-based fears with Orwellian overtones and a dystopia run by a man and then makes your character complicit in the same level of mind control that destroyed his town.  

8. Oxenfree 

Oxenfree captures the permutations of friendships notably the heightened passions of teenage friendships.  Irrespective of how believable the characters and their relations are, you will always find yourself wanting to get rid of them altogether, especially during the early stages of the game.  Even Alex, the character you control, will unexpectedly exasperate you with her petty reactions and annoying humor.  Oxenfree is a perfect example of the sense of self-mortification that is most prevalent during teenage years and how we are not always able to say what we intend to say.

9. Tetris Effect.   

TETRIS is a brilliant forward-thinking take on the familiar classic.  It is a combination of relaxation and extreme stress and swerves abruptly between both.  The game could do better with more variety in its music and more esoteric and surreal imagery but barring all that, it is still a marvelous game with a glorious vision and a true VR standout.  

10. Fuser 

Remember the game DJ Hero? That’s a good thing but now forget about it.  Harmonix’s new DJ game captures the feeling of a real DJ set better than DJ Hero ever did.  Fuser can be compared to the game Rock Band.  It has a wide range of songs to select from the past six decades which can be recombined in any way you like.  It is a fun game for sure but it is also an excellent tool for musical creativity which turns every player into a personal mashup machine.  This is a must-play game.

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