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These are the best ps5 accessories that you can purchase in 2022

These are the best ps5 accessories that you can purchase in 2022

Buying ps5 accessories can be almost as tricky as buying a new console. That is because of its incredible capabilities.  The cybernetic clamshell tower of a console has impressive hardware.  It can run games in 4K, hit frame rates in excess of 120 frames per second and output video at 120 hertz for an ultra-silky smooth look and feel.

It is the first game console that really takes advantage of a home theater setup.  We have compiled a list of our favorite PS5 accessories for those who want to transform their living room into a cathedral for their PS5.


The DualSense is one of the PS5 accessories that is included with the console but it is also one that you will certainly buy more than once.  It was revealed in April even before the console launch with an article on the Playstation blog outlining its features.

With features like haptic feedback and adaptive triggers, Dualsense gives players a more immersive gaming experience. You can actually feel the texture of gravel in your fingers while driving and the tension in the strings as you pull back an arrow.

Now you can also get it in two colors-midnight black and cosmic red so you have a bit more to work with and go for if you want to inject some colours in your setup.

Of course with these new features, a ps5 controller with Dual Sense will cost more than PS4’s Dualshock.


3D audio was one of the main points of Mark Cerny’s Road to PS5 talk in March and the PS5 Pulse 3D headset is the best way to experience it. With dual noise canceling microphones, you can clearly communicate with your teammates in multiplayer games and have a more immersive gaming experience.


No more digging through drawers to find a micro USB cable that is in working condition-the DualSense charging station is a sleek and convenient addition to the PS5 accessories family that has the same futuristic two-toned aesthetic as the PS5.  Using it, you can charge two-controller PS5 at one time without connecting them to the hardware.  Plus they are shaped like a tiny PS5 too which is quite cool. 


The PS5’s media remote is sexy, curvy, and has a two-toned design that is elegant and futuristic plus it has an uncluttered button layout that is easy to navigate.  Given that for a lot of people, the PS5 ends up their main device for streaming movies and TV shows, the PS5 remote is quite a useful accessory that won’t drain your PS5 controller battery while you are scrolling through your phone or running Netflix in the background.  Moreover, the official remote is considered some of the most affordable PS5 accessories.  


With streaming hitting its stride in 2020, the official PS5 HD camera is predicted to be in high demand.  It allows you to seamlessly add yourself to gameplay and streams.  In addition, the flowy two-piece design is a big improvement over the basic PS4 camera.


Now that the PS5 supports M.2 drives, you can open your console and install your own lightning-quick storage devices.  It is a favorite for PCs and this model includes a low-profile heat sink that keeps it at a safe temperature inside the PS5.  You can get it in 500 GB, 1TB and 2-TB models.  For most people, an extra 500-GB will suffice but if you have an extra terabyte means that you will be able to load dozens of digital-only games at one time.   


While you do get a reliable HDMI cable with the PS5 console, if you want the latest technology with 8K streaming and 4K 120 Hz gaming, you might need a replacement HDMI cable that can handle all the strain.

Power A’s cable is durable and chunky and has a three-meter length that is more than enough to hook up your console.  It is not a necessity but ideal if you want quality.If you are looking to buy or sell a PS5 console, you can get it done from  We provide free shipping at no extra cost, doorstep delivery and pickup, 24×7 sale and secure checkout with multiple payment options.

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