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8 Most Useful Ways to Boost the Performance of Your PS4

8 Most Useful Ways to Boost the Performance of Your PS4

If you own a PS4 or a PS4 Pro, you may be wondering how to improve the performance of your system. While you cannot upgrade your PS4 like you can a gaming PC, there are some things you can do to make sure it runs at peak performance.  

Let’s look at your options for making your PS4 run faster and what you can expect from them.  

Clean Your PlayStation 4 Physically:  

Dust and grime have most likely accumulated inside if you’ve had your PS4 for a while. If left unchecked, this can degrade performance—with more heat trapped in the system from the debris, and the system fans have to work harder, lowering overall efficiency.  

Removing dust from your ps4 pre-owned controller and PS4’s internals should help your system run at a cooler temperature and thus run games more smoothly. While doing this maintenance, ensure your PS4 accessories are in good working order.   

Turn on Boost Mode (PS4 Pro):  

If you have a PS4 Pro, you should enable the Boost Mode setting for a smoother PS4 experience. This can boost the frame rate and graphical fidelity of games on the system, even if they weren’t explicitly designed to take advantage of the PS4 Pro’s superior hardware.  

Upgrade to a faster SSD or HDD:  

The PS4’s stock 5400RPM hard drive is not particularly fast, so loading games takes a while. And hence, you should consider upgrading your PS4’s internal drive to a 7200RPM disc, hybrid drive, or even an SSD.  

While this will improve loading times, it will not significantly affect other ways. Games will load faster, but it will not affect graphical performance or other aspects of gameplay.  

Enhance the Performance of Your PS4 Network:  

Here, we’ve primarily focused on graphical performance and PS4 speed. However, if it appears that playing online games on your PlayStation 4 isn’t working properly, you may need to resolve network issues on your PS4.  

If you’re facing difficulty and getting disconnected from online games or don’t have stable gameplay online, going through those fixes will help.  

Ensure that You Have Enough Disk Space:  

Running out of disc space is one of the most common causes of poor PS4 performance. With the size of modern games and video recordings, it’s easy to fill up your available space without realising it.

Rebuild the PlayStation 4 System Database:  

This option is for you if you’re wondering why your PS4 is so slow, especially while in the menus. It is surprising to learn that the PS4 has a Rebuild Database utility in its Safe Mode interface. This procedure is not as time-consuming and it tells your system where relevant data for your games and services can be found, allowing faster access.  

Install the Most Recent Game Updates:  

If you’re having trouble with a specific PlayStation title, installing any existing updates is a good idea. Patches that fix frame rate slowdowns shorten loading times, and developers frequently release other issues.   

Your PS4 should do this automatically for games you regularly play; it should also check for updates when you launch any games you haven’t played in a while.   

Examine Individual Game Settings:  

While most pre-owned ps4 console games lack the extensive graphical settings found in PC games, some allow you to change settings that affect how the game runs.  

While these options are not available in every game, they can sometimes make a game feel more comfortable for you or improve performance slightly. 

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