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7 Best PS4 & PS5 RPG and Adventure Games you can play right now

7 Best PS4 & PS5 RPG and Adventure Games you can play right now

Sony PS4 and PS5 introduced many features when it released the new console generation, such as 1080p gaming and new hardware such as touchpads, plus, many others. Over a while, many top games came out that fully realized the potential of the PS4 and PS5 in their unique way. Besides improved graphics, these games also incorporate meticulous and innovative game design.  

Sony PS4 and PS5 are home to numerous incredible RPGs and Adventure games. You name it, PS4 and PS5 series got it for you. From old-school computer RPGs to action pack RPGs to JRPGs, you will find all of your favorite games on both the console. If you don’t want to spend a fortune on a brand new release, then picking a Pre-owned ps4 and ps5 game within the adventure games genre would be a smart move (consideration). Because numerous classic PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 pre-owned are still gems in terms of gaming experience. Plus, with Pre-owned ps4 games and ps5 RPG games, you get a chance to lose yourself in a breathtaking adventure filled with studding locations, thrilling set-pieces, and unforgettable stories. Buy pre-owned ps4 games and ps5 games, you won’t regret it.   

Here are the top 7 exclusive PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 pre-owned/ new games that are must-play right now!  


For fans of Indiana Jones, Uncharted 4 is a must-play. If you are not a fan of explorer movies, you must try. It’s an adrenaline-pumping and action-packed thrill ride that tests your wit and reflexes. Moreover, it offers never before seen cinematic set-pieces ever seen in video games.   


Because of the longevity of the franchise, there are very few games that have the same level of fan following that metal gear has. Over the years, metal gear’s story has taken the shape of something as intricate as human imagination would allow for. All this comes to an epic conclusion in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, which is the missing piece of the metal gear saga puzzle.      


You can say that Tsushima is the Assassin’s Creed game set in Feudal Japan. The work of art is unique and way better. From the ultra-realistic graphics to the well-crafted combat, this pre-owned ps4 game has everything to keep you playing for hours.    

This pre-owned ps4 game puts you in the shoes of Jīn Sakai i.e., the ghost of Tsushima who is the nominal hero. You play as samurai who protects the island of Tsushima from Mongols who want to conquer Japan. As you progress further in the game, you face famous historical figures like Khotun Khan.     

Persona 5 ROYAL

Persona 5 Royal is an upgrade to PlayStation 4 pre-owned 2016’s Persona 5 and has new characters, new locations, new gameplay elements, and an extended story. It merges fantasy with Japanese high school themes. You play as a high school student whose name is the Joker who adapts to a new school and realizes he has new powers. As the year progresses, you realize that others too have similar powers and team up with them to combat creatures from another realm.   


While Software’s Souls title is an enigmatic and notoriously challenging game that has achieved critical acclaim, it is not as interesting as the quasi-industrial era Bloodborne.   

It plays like an RPG set on a difficulty mode with all the pop-ups removed, so it requires quite a bit of patience from players, but that’s what makes this Pre-owned ps4 and ps5 game so appealing. The thrill you get when you’ve watched your opponent, recognized its attack patterns, and struck at the right moment with the game’s flawless melee combat is amazing. It is no doubt one of the best PS4 games you can play right now.    


Remedy entertainment’s control is an action-adventure with a twist. You play as Jessie, Faden-the newest director of the Federal Bureau of Control-a government agency that does research intending to control paranormal activity, but his new role has some issues with a paranormal force known as Hiss. The affinity with which Remedy has managed to fit difficult genres in films and games with control while still delivering mind-bending stories reminiscent of true detective and twin peaks is remarkable   


Building on the foundations laid by old-school RPG classics like Baldur’s Gate, Original Sin 2 takes you on a literal quest for Godhood in a place where those who have magical powers are marginalized, but this game comes into its own in terms of how flexible and free its systems are. Its turn-based combat is inspired by XCOM and with tabletop RPG spellcasting, you will be given many ways to progress which lets you combine items and environmental modifiers to defeat foes in unique ways.   

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